About me

I'm Alice Cottaar-Haverkorn. I am a (foster)mom, physics engineer and pastor and like to inspire people as a care-giver, a teacher, as a researcher in science education, and most recently as an author.

Birth date: March 18, 1961.

Married, five children, eight grandchildren, and short-term fosterchildren in crisis situation.

As a physics teacher, I have taught physics and science at different educational levels and in different setting and worked on an independent research object. In my blog (Dutch) I summarized my (sometimes frustrating, but instructional) experiences as a female physics teacher and as a science education researcher with a scientific background.

As a scientist, I have conducted an independent research project in science education.

As an author, I published short stories an am in the proces of publishing my first novel 'Een goede moeder sterft' together with a collection of poetry, creeds, and ultra short stories 'Dichten, geloven en ander sentimenteel gedoe'.