Scientific Publications

Reviewed journal papers

Cottaar, A. (2012).Low (linear) effect of the physics teacher on achievement.
Journal of Research in Science Teaching, 49 (4), 465-488.

Conference papers of reviewed talks:

Cottaar, A. (2013). 'Whatever you do, you will never get them to work'; pre-academic male students in physics education. + Powerpoint of presentation.
NARST 2013 Science Education conference. Puerto Rico, USA.

Cottaar, A. (2012). Learning from mistakes; balancing masculine and feminine strategies in learning science. + Powerpoint of presentation.
VHTO 2012 Gender and STEM conference. Haarlem, Netherlands.

Cottaar, A. (2012). Extreem weinig meisjes in de natuurkunde klas. + Powerpoint presentatie.
ORD 2012 Dutch educational research conference. Wageningen, Netherlands.

Cottaar, A. (2010). Hoe succesvol zijn de vwo-natuurkunde docenten? + Powerpoint presentatie.
ORD 2010 Dutch educational research conference. Enschede, Netherlands.

Reviewed poster presentations

Cottaar, A. (2010). Differentiating in Physics Classrooms for Success.
AAPT 2010, Washington D.C. (Zahra Hazari represented me here).

Cottaar, A. (2009). Influences on the physics exam grades of (Dutch) high school students. or a webpage on this poster.
ESERA 2009, Istanbul, Turkey.

Not excepted.

Optimal relative effort-believe for effective learning of high school physics..

Balancing masculine daring and feminine effort for optimal learning in higher science education.